Who We Are

Swissreal Real Estate Services Ltd. ("SwissReal") is a diversified commercial and residential property development, management and investment company, based in Vancouver.

SwissReal provides the following services:

Property development
SwissReal has a strong track record in the development of properties, such as offices, condominiums, strip malls, industrial buildings and multi-use facilities. Work undertaken ranges from new developments to minor and major upgrading with a view to increase profit potential and capital appreciation. 

Property management
SwissReal manages all aspects of building maintenance, including leasing, administration and regular repairs. SwissReal will ensure maximum use of the property in order to build value and increase income. 

Real estate acquisitions
SwissReal considers the goals and timeframe of investments, the risk/return profile, leverage, taxation and income enhancement options. SwissReal handles negotiations, due diligence, closing, financing and related documentation. 

Real estate sales
SwissReal has short and long-term insight into North American markets, particularly Western Canada, with a view to provide profitable outcomes for clients. Market conditions, property features, timing and tax planning are balanced to maximize gains. SwissReal will represent the property to prospective buyers and help complete the transaction. 

Corporate management
SwissReal offers comprehensive resources for clients who require top level management for their North American investments. Local accounting, tax planning, mortgage administration, licensing, and development regulations and compliance can be provided.